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Real-time GPS Tracking

Track vehicles and assets
Monitor driver/vehicle performance
Helps reduce fuel and operating costs
Encourage safe driving
Simplify dispatch and route planning


”We’ve reduced unauthorized use and speeding, and see a 12% reduction in fuel use. The monthly fuel savings alone cover the cost of the system.”

Michael Grives,
McLaughlin Communications

Reports and Alerts

Driver efficiency and productivity
Fuel usage and vehicle diagnostics
Unauthorized fuel card or vehicle use
Drive time and jobsite presence
IFTA/IRP compliance


“One of our company’s greatest assets! The reports let us process info more quickly for better management, analysis, and accountability.”

Marcia Canny,
Lucky Cab

The WEX Advantage

The only GPS tracking solution to include your business card fueling data—instantly, seamlessly, and at no additional cost. The great U.S.-based service you expect from the business advisors at WEX.


“When I have questions, it’s one phone call to support. If they don’t know the answer, they find it. WEX makes my life so much easier!”

Tiffany King,

How It Works


WEX Telematics is installed in your vehicles.


Each vehicle transmits GPS and diagnostics info.


Access vehicle info through your secure business website or mobile phone.

What You Track



Fuel usage



Harsh braking

Seatbelt usage

Jobsite presence

Engine warning


Driver alerts

Get Premium
GPS Tracking
for Your Business

Starting at $24.50/month each.

Hardware included. No minimum order.


WEX Telematics